5.23. Cloud services

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5.23. Cloud services

This section contains the following sub-sections:


5.23.1. Down and Uploads

5.23.2. Multiple Down and Uploads

5.23.3. Calling a generic REST api

5.23.4 Check VAT

5.23.5. Publish to Tableau Server

5.23.6. List the Files inside a S3 bucket

5.23.7. List S3 buckets

5.23.8. Download Files from a S3 bucket

5.23.9. Upload Files to a S3 bucket

5.23.10. Delete Files stored in a S3 bucket

5.23.11. Unlock Google Services

5.23.12. List the files on a GDrive

5.23.13. Download files from a GDrive

5.23.14. Upload local files to a GDrive

5.23.15. Delete files stored on a GDrive

5.23.16. List the files on a Google Cloud Storage

5.23.17. Download files from a Google Cloud Storage

5.23.18. Upload files to a Google Cloud Storage

5.23.19. Delete files from a Google Cloud Storage

5.23.20. List the buckets on a Google Cloud Storage

5.23.21. Download/Query a table on Google Big Query

5.23.22. Upload a table to Google BigQuery

5.23.23. Google Analytics

5.23.24. Facebook

5.23.25. SalesForce Download

5.23.26. SalesForce Upload

5.23.27 Unlock Azure services

5.23.28. SharePoint Download

5.23.29. SharePoint Upload

5.23.30. Azure Storage List Files

5.23.31. Azure Storage Download Files

5.23.32. Azure Storage Upload Files

5.23.33. Azure Storage Delete Files

5.23.35. OneDrive List Files

5.23.36. OneDrive Download Files

5.23.37. OneDrive Upload Files

5.23.38. OneDrive Delete Files
5.23.39. Huawei Blob Storage List Files

5.23.40. Huawei Blob Storage Download Files
5.23.41. Huawei Blob Storage Upload Files
5.23.42. Huawei Blob Storage Delete Files

5.23.43. Huawei Blob Storage List Buckets

5.23.44. Unlocks ZohoCRM

5.23.45. Download data from Zoho CRM5.23.46. Twitter
5.23.47. DeepL automated translation
5.23.48. Google Speech-to-Text
5.23.49. Text Razor Topic Extraction
5.23.50. Unicheck plagiarism checker
5.23.51. UI Path List
5.23.52. UI Path Run Processes
5.23.53. Get Emails using your Office 365 subscription
5.23.54. Send Emails using your Office 365 subscription
5.23.55. Download data from Odoo
5.23.56. Upload data to Odoo
5.23.57. Get data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM
5.23.58. Send data to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

5.23.59. OVH Cloud Object Storage List Files

5.23.60. OVH Cloud Object Storage Download Files

5.23.61. OVH Cloud Object Storage Upload Files

5.23.62. OVH Cloud Object Storage Delete Files

5.23.63. OVH Cloud Object Storage List Containers

5.23.64. Get Emails from GMail

5.23.65. Send Emails using GMail

5.23.66. Download JSON documents from Elastic Search

5.23.67. Upload JSON documents to Elastic Search

5.23.68. Delete JSON documents from an Elastic Search Server

5.23.69. List all the Indexes on an Elastic Search Server

5.23.70. List the Files on a Mailbox.org drive

5.23.71. Download Files from a Mailbox.org drive

5.23.72. Upload Files to a Mailbox.org drive

5.23.73. Delete Files on a Mailbox.org drive

5.23.74. Download logs from a Splunk Server

5.23.75. Upload logs to a Splunk Server

5.23.76. Download JSON from a MongoDB Server

5.23.77. Upload JSON documents to a MongoDB Server

5.23.78. Download data from a Neo4J server

5.23.79. List ressources on a Jira server

5.23.80. Retrieve the results of a JQL query running on a Jira server

5.23.81. List jobs in Jenkins

5.23.82. Download logs from Jenkins

5.23.83. Download data from SuiteCRM

5.23.84. Upload data to SuiteCRM

5.23.85. Delete data on a SuiteCRM server

5.23.86. Get Data from Supermetrics

5.23.87. Google Ads

5.23.88. List Surveys from Survey Monkey

5.23.89. Download Responses from Survey Monkey

5.23.90. PowerBI Upload

5.23.91. Download from Hubspot

5.23.92. Upload data to Hubspot

5.23.93. DropBox unlock

5.23.94. Dropbox List Files

5.23.95. Dropbox Download Files

5.23.96. Dropbox Upload Files

5.23.97. Dropbox Delete Files

5.23.98. Azure Manage Contacts

5.23.99. PhantomBuster Extraction

5.23.100. DropContact Extraction

5.23.101. Bouncer Validation

5.23.102. ChatGPT query