5.23.21. Download/Query a table on Google Big Query

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5.23.21. Download/Query a table on Google Big Query


Icon: clip0599


Function: BigQueryDownload


Property window:




Short description:

Export a complete table from Google Big Query.



Run any SQL command on Google Big Query.

Long Description:

This Action also works when accessing the web through a PROXY server: Please consult the section for more details on this subject.

To be able to use this Action, you need to get these 3 parameters from Google: (1) your “Client ID”, (2) your “Client Secret”, (3) your “Refresh Token”. To get these 3 parameters, you must use the clip0600 “Unlock Google Services” action detailed in section 5.23.11.


Let’s assume that I have some data table on my local server and I now want to play with this data using Google Big Query. To do so, I will follow the following steps:




Here are more details on the 4 steps illustrated in the above Anatella graph:


Step 1: Export your data table to a simple .csv file using the clip0601 writeCSV action. To avoid any loss of accuracy, please use the “%.16g” option when exporting your table to a .csv file:


Step 2: Copy your .csv file inside your Google Cloud Storage using the clip0603 GoogleStorageUpload Action detailed in section 5.23.18.

Step 3: Import your .csv file from your Google Cloud Storage into your Big Query infrastructure using the BigQueryUpload Action detailed in the next section 5.23.22.

Step 4: Run different queries on Google Big Query using the clip0604 BigQueryDownload Action detailed in this section.