5.23.32. Azure Storage Upload Files

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5.23.32. Azure Storage Upload Files


Icon: clip0735


Function: AzureStorageUploadFile


Property window:




Short description:

Upload files to a container in an Azure Blob Storage.


Long Description:

This Action also works when accessing the web through a PROXY server: Please consult the section for more details on how to setup the parameter P8 for web-access through a PROXY server.


To use this Action, you’ll need to get several parameters from the Microsoft Website (parameters P3, P4 and P5). Please see the section for more details on how to get these parameters.


Once you have completed the “setup process” described in the section, you can use the parameters P1 and P2 to upload the required files to your Azure storage system.


The parameter P6 (i.e. the Chunk Size) is usefull when uploading very large files. The file is uploaded chunk-by-chunk. If one connection error happens during the upload only the last chunk needs to be re-uploaded.