5.22.3. Query Jenkins

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5.22.3. Query Jenkins


Icon: ANATEL~4_img340


Function: queryJenkins


Property window:




Short description:


Query the Status of Anatella Jobs running in Jenkins.


Long Description:


The ANATEL~4_img340 queryJenkins action returns the status (BUILDING, IN QUEUE, SUCCESS, …) of all the jobs whose “_Anatella_Job_ID” is given on the input pin (specified using the Parameter P1).



If the job status (displayed inside the “_JenkinsJobStatus” column here:number1 )  is “Query Error: Build Information is too old and has been discarded by Jenkins”, it means that you have to increase the value of the Jenkins configuration parameter named “Days to keep builds”: See the section (and more precisely the step 1.6) to kown how to do so.