5.23.23. Google Analytics

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5.23.23. Google Analytics


Icon: clip0613


Function: GoogleAnalytics


Property window:




Short description:

Download data from Google Analytics.


Long Description:

This Action also works when accessing the web through a PROXY server: Please consult the section for more details on this subject.

To be able to use this Action, you need to get these 3 parameters from Google: (1) your “Client ID”, (2) your “Client Secret”, (3) your “Refresh Token”. To get these 3 parameters, you must use the clip0615 “Unlock Google Services” action detailed in section 5.23.11.

You can get your "Google-Analytics View ID", using the "account explorer" available here:


Scroll down to the bottom of the page: Your “View-ID” is visible here:




If you get the following error message:

   "User does not have sufficient permissions for this profile."

...this means that your "View ID" is incorrect.


Some Metrics or Dimensions variables contains a “XX” inside their name. These are “custom” Metrics/Dimensions: Inside these “custom” Metrics/Dimensions, the XX caracters are replaced by the value found in the last column of the table that allows you to select the Metrics/Dimensions to extract (this column is named “XX Parameters”). Let’s take an example:





In the above example, we’ll extract from Google Analytics the following Metrics:

ga:goal1Starts,                ga:goal4Starts,                ga:goal2Starts.