Huawei cloud Event

Huawei Cloud Summit Spain

We are very proud to the trust that Huawei granted us by inviting us to their private “Huawei Event” that is closed and accessible only to a small number of selected Huawei Partners!

Data Culture as a Path towards Self Service Analytics

When asked about analytics roadmap, we usually diverge the conversation towards another concept: how embedded is data in your corporate culture, or how mature are you in terms of data culture? When it comes to analytics, in our point of view, the goal should be to have self service analytics. This means reach a point

Cloud, Environmental and Financial Costs, and What We Can Do to Control Them.

Cloud computing has, undeniably, radically transformed how we deal with information. From cold storage and backup to daily operations of office work, many of us depend on large data centers and the promise of a controlled, low monthly cost, and environmentally friendly systems. Also, offering a fair “pay-per-use” pricing model that only charges us when