Cloud, Environmental and Financial Costs, and What We Can Do to Control Them.

Cloud computing has, undeniably, radically transformed how we deal with information. From cold storage and backup to daily operations of office work, many of us depend on large data centers and the promise of a controlled, low monthly cost, and environmentally friendly systems. Also, offering a fair “pay-per-use” pricing model that only charges us when

Should You Worry about AI Taking Over your Life?

Many of us have seen this episode of Black Mirror in which an app tells us our level of romantic compatibility, in a society in which AI controls most social interactions. For some strange people, like Yuval Harari (Homo Deus, Sapiens) and others, this is a wet dream of deterministic human behavior and reducing human

ChatGPT studied thanks to Anatella

OpenAi’s promise is that chatGPT always produces different responses. A new study carried out thanks to Anatella sheds light on the texts generated by ChatGPT and their diversity.