process-controlIndustrial Processes and Value Chain

Connect, Transform, Organize, Predict and report, all from the same platform, all (almost) code free.

When it comes to controlling your processes, the last thing we want is this system to increase the complexity of our already complex industrial processes.

With TIMi, companies can take back control of their data, and control processes in real time.

With the complete integration from data connection to BI reporting, TIMi framework helps companies take control of their data without the need of heavy investment in infrastructure, or reliance on off premises cloud solutions.

Anatella is a fully opened platform: Analysts can complement the speed optimized components of the tool with R and Python code to fully integrate internal processes. IoT capabilities make Anatella the tool of choice for industrial control.

Anatella will process live data, compute all KPI, and update central systems so your information is always updated, without any lag.

Data Quality operations are parts of the core components of Anatella.

Statistical Analysis and Control can be tailored to your needs using scripts, with no library limitation: just process your code in R and Python, and distribute it. Your organization will move at the speed of your best coders!

Predictive Modeling on Big Data can be achieved with Timi Modeler, without any limitations of RAM, and with tools designed for engineers and analysts, not PhD in statistics.

Outliers Detection and understanding can be achieved with Stardust, and integrated in Anatella for easy deployment.

Kibella adds a final layer of visualization that helps tracking and understanding operations.