Listen to your data and identify the key moments in your customer relationship. Boost your cross-selling by leveraging your customer history. Increase customer loyalty by performing the right retention action at the right time. Maximize the potential of each client.

360° Customer View

Make informed decisions in a record time, adjust strategies and tactics to the actions of competition, and intercept customer patters in almost real time.

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Lead generation

Use TIMi to create “Propensity to buy” model for B2C and B2B applications. “Customer Acquisition” models, “Cross-selling” models, “Up-selling” models and “credit appetite” predictive models.

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Churn models

Detect the “churners” and prevent them from leaving, Find out the value of the ranking generated with TIMi compared to other solutions.

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Customer-Life-Time-Value forecasting

A more advanced form of churn model. Predict the probability that a given customer moves from the “normal customer state” to the “churned customer state”.

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Next Best Activity/Offer/product

Next-best-action marketing considers the different actions that can be taken for a specific customer and decides on the ‘best’ one. These kinds of models are a special case of the classical “propensity to buy” model.

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