Modeler simplify the process of model creation and offers a unique way to generate new models. The models generated with Modeler have a similar or higher accuracy than complex models built with other technologies and prove to be more stable over time. Thanks to a powerfull integration with Anatella, you can generate hundreds of new predictive models per day and dramatically reduce the time to put them in production. Modeler also generates all the reports required to understand & validate your model 100% automatically. These detailed reports also make it possible to ensure that the delivered models are ethically viable.


Predict any target

Modeler has two predictive engines: one for binary and one for continuous targets. When you combine Modeler with the unique assignment solver (a box inside Anatella), it becomes also one of the best solutions for predicting multi-class targets.

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Fast and accurate

The modeling engine is 100% multithreaded, vectorized and cache-optimized. It produces predictive models significantly faster and with more accuracy than most off-the-shelves tools.

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100% Automated

Modeler automatically creates new variables to increase accuracy, build thousands of predictive models, select the best and most stable combination, adjust parameters, compute confidence intervals and generate all reports needed.

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Modeler is able to create predictive models on very large datasets. Timi uses an exclusive data compression engine that allows to store, typically, a 1GB dataset in less than 50 MB RAM. Modeler also easily handles datasets with more than 30000 variables.

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The algorithms used inside Modeler are mostly insensitive to dirty data (outliers) or missing data. You can use Timi directly on the database containing your operational data to quickly obtain actionable models.

Low risk of overfitting

99% of the time, Modeler automatically delivers a perfect model without any over-fitting. If you still observe over-fitting, you can adjust the meta-parameters to remove any over-fitting during the modeling process.

Easy scoring

Timi offers dozens of options to easily use your models. You can just drag & drop your model file inside an Anatella windows or directly export your models to a simple SQL code in one mouse-click for in-database scoring.

Fully documented

All algorithms and all parameters are fully documented and available for you to play with them.

White box & Ethical Modeling

The Modeler engine uses an enhanced “wrapper approach” that delivers precise insights over the variable included into the delivered model. This approach also makes it possible to obtain very simple models (i.e. with few variables) that are easy to validate from an ethical point of view (this validation is also facilitated by the numerous modeling reports generated automatically by Modeler).


Bouygues Telecom
Telecom operator in France

“The optimal solution to extract advanced Social Network Algorithms metrics out of gigantic social data graphs.”

Telecom operator in Belgium

“We reduced by 10% the churn on the customer-segment with the highest churn rate.”

Mobile network provider

“TIMi framework includes a very flexible ETL tool that swiftly handles terabyte-size datasets on an ordinary desktop computer.”