The TIMi Suite comes in different versions: Cloud Mutualized, Laptop or PC and Server.

Cloud Mutualized

Laptop or PC

(no virtual machine & no cloud)

Cloud Mutualized Starter Starter Pack Business Pack
From 499 €/month 5970 €/year 15K €/year Contact us (per year)
Unlimited (different hardware options)
Included Option Included
3 days 5 days
Level 1 Level 1


(i.e. virtual machine or cloud)

TIMi Suite

Pro Pack Expert Pack


Contact us (per year) Contact us (per year)








50K € Without model export Unlimited





Tool training (only 1st year, in situ)

3 days 5 days

Consulting, support, strategic design hours (yearly remote)

30 hours


Level 2

Additional RUN TIME only server

1 included + 10K € per server

Number of: laptops or simultaneous connection to the server

4 8


There is no software limit to the number of users per machine. The only limitation is the hardware.

On equivalent hardware, TIMi is from 10 to 1000 times faster than any competing software. This feature allows a single Quad Core server to serve more than 100 concurrent users (when analyzing small datasets). However, this small configuration is not recommended because of the rather low QoS (QoS = Quality of Service) of a server used by 100 users.

We apply the SaaS principle (i.e. We apply the “Software-As-A-Service” principle):

  • There is no entrance fee for the “TIMI Suite”: Only support costs are due. This pricing policy is applied to avoid any barrier to the purchase of the TIMI Suite.
  • As long as you are in order of payment and conform to the TIMi End-User-License Agreement – EULA, you are entitled to use and to freely receive the latest updates of the TIMi Suite™.

All prices are excluding VAT (Anyway, the VAT is 0% for all customers outside Belgium).

Special Conditions: You are eligible to get the TIMi Suite for free (non-cloud version) if you meet the very broad criteria given here: https://timi.eu/timi/ethics/#free

Consulting companies have a special low price list: contact us.


To get help when using TIMi, you can use the 4 off-line PDF user guides (more than 900 pages) that come directly pre-installed with TIMi, the on-line help system and the on-line TIMi forum that has an active community. If this is not enough and you want more help, you can contact us directly through our hotline or ticketing system.

If you want to reach for us directly, here are the definitions of our “Support Levels”:


Support Level 1 Support Level 2

Phone Support

No yes

E-mail Contact

Yes Yes

Chat with an expert

No Yes

Incident Analysis

1/month No limits

Remote Assistance

No Yes

Cosmetic Bug correction

Next release 3 weeks

Critical Bug correction

10 working days 5 working days

Access to the forum to request new functionalities

Yes Yes

Access to the user’s forum

Yes Yes

On-site TIMi consultant for problem resolution (travelling & housing costs must be added)

1000 €/day 1000 €/day

We provide a hotline where an operator will respond during office hour (from Monday to Friday from 9:00AM to 17:00PM, Belgian Time – GMT+1) to most of the usual questions about TIMi. For more advanced technical questions or issues, you can create new « tickets » inside the Issue tracking system of the TIMi website.

The « web-based ticket tracking system » is available here:

In the event of a critical error, you can posts a new « Ticket » describing the error. A “critical error” is an error that prevents you from:

  • Creating and/or implementing your predictive models and segmentation models (TIMI + Stardust).
  • Creating and/or apply your data transformations (Anatella).

Cosmetic or Standard issues are solved in an order depending on their severity.

Of course, when posting a new « Ticket », you must provide a short description of the issue so that we can reproduce ourselves the error because we can’t fix an error that we don’t see!


The available training sessions are described in detail on the website:

Here is a summary:


Basic training Advanced Training

TIMi (modelization)

For novice users in predictive
datamining : 2 to 3 days

For confirmed users in predictive datamining (already used to other tool): 1 to 2 days

1 to 2 days + basic training

Anatella (ETL – data management)

½ to 1 day 1 to 2 days + basic training

Stardust (segmentation)

1 day 1 day + basic training

There are maximum 5 students per training session (it’s difficult to manage more people and the formation might not meet our quality standard if too much students are present).

The training is performed at your offices. You must provide a training room with a beamer (to connect to the teacher’s PC).


You’ll find in this document:
… all the technical details related to the installation of TIMi on a machine.

You’ll find in this document:
… all the technical details related to the choice of optimal hardware infrastructure to deploy TIMI.

Minimum system Requirements for the “TIMi Suite” installation on a server or workstation:

OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11

RAM: Minimum 2GB per simultaneous user. Large data-transformations require more RAM.

Video Card: To use StarDust, you need a 3D-hardware-accelerated-graphical card that supports OpenGL2.0 (any computer produced after 2007 will do the trick). The specific OpenGL drivers from you video card manufacturer must be installed (do not use “generic” OpenGL drivers).

For increased processing speed, we strongly suggest a multi-core CPU (TIM is 100% mutli-threaded). A server with an “Intel Core I7 at 3.0 GHz (or above)” CPU is always a good option. To process large volumes of data with Anatella (to do “Big Data” analytics), you need a 64-bit OS and plenty of RAM (16GB or 32GB).