Lead Generation

You can use TIMi to create “Propensity to buy” model for B2C and B2B applications. “Customer Acquisition” models, “Cross-selling” models, “Up-selling” models and “credit appetite” predictive models. They all are special cases of the more general type of “propensity to buy” models.


Let’s take a first example. Timi is currently used on a day-to-day basis by the Benelux Business & Decision company to create “Propensity to buy” models for their MMS service (Managed Marketing Service).

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Business Insight

TIMi is one of the very few datamining software that is able to give you an accurate and very succinct list of the only variables/columns that have an influence on the prediction.

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ROI prediction from the lift

Here is another practical (but now quite old) example: It’s a “propensity to buy” model for a financial product for a famous French bank.

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