Since 2007, we are creating the most powerful framework to push the barriers of analytics
and predictive analytics, while offering a helpful, fast and friendly environment.


TIMi framework provides everything you need to analyze all your data: You can manipulate large datasets, compute & display complex KPI’s, create accurate predictive models, without any specialized analytics knowledge.
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Thanks to TIMi’s real-time analytical engine, you can update your 360° customer-view in near real-time and rebuild predictive models every week or day to track any customer behavior change at all time.
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TIMI is used by major consulting firms around the globe. 5 of the top 10 telecoms are currently deploying predictive analytics on Big Data with TIMi.
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Documentation, community forums, training sessions and other ressources for Timi modeler, Anatella, Stardust and Kibella.
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Learn more about our team, objectives and mission in a nutshell.
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Bouygues Telecom
Telecom operator in France

“The optimal solution to extract advanced Social Network Algorithms metrics out of gigantic social data graphs.”

Telecom operator in Belgium

“We reduced by 10% the churn on the customer-segment with the highest churn rate.”

Mobile network provider

“TIMi framework includes a very flexible ETL tool that swiftly handles terabyte-size datasets on an ordinary desktop computer.”