Self Service Analytics


Timi Suite works on standard Windows Architecture. We put a layer of low cost servers between the final user and the original data to avoid any unplanned access to live, transactional servers, while a complete data lake is available for analysts to play with, at no computing cost for the organization. This is a true self-service analytics platform in which analysts can extract, merge, transform data any way they want, at no risk for the organization.

No Cluster: Just one PC

Thanks to our revolutionary technology, Analysts work on their own PC, which is enough to process billions of records, faster than most servers. The recommended computer is an i7, 8 Gb + RAM, and SSD drive. Thanks to the high compression ratio of anatella files, this is enough to process sector-wide databases (such as the entre clinical history of a country of 40 million people, or the phone records of 20 million customers).

Code what you know

While the code behind the veil is proprietary, the scripting language is fully opened. Anatella is designed to seamlessly integrate code in R, Python, and JavaScript. This way, coders can create their own pieces of analysis in the language of their preference, and integrate without any problems.

Take control of your data

Exporting to any standard format from anatella is just 2 clicks of the mouse. You will never be “locked in”, and Anatella is designed to work with other technologies. Prepare your data, and export it to Tableau, Qlik, SQLite or any database of your choosing for global deployment.

High security

Your data is important, this is why we have put several layers of security to make sure nothing bad happens. Only authorized users can update DB connection scripts, and all ID and personal data can be encrypted using customized keys.

Model in one click

Timi Modeler allows business users to take full advantage of predictive analytics to find insight in the data, and explore causal relationship between data and business events. In just a few clicks, they can generate models with full reports to better understand where to look.