When using Kibella, you never need to let cost considerations dictate how many people should be allowed to visualize your dashboards and your Key Performance Indicators: the number of end users is unlimited!

While other solutions may be appropriate for a few power users, Kibella lets organizations truly democratize access to information, and empower all employees to become data-driven decision makers.

Kibella offers drill-down capabilities, connection to SQLite database and, optionally, connection to the leading SQL databases. It seamlessly integrates with Anatella: i.e. data can be updated in just one simple operation.


Extended charting capabilities

Pie charts, trends, histograms, Maps & GIS information, etc. Create all the dashboards your organization needs with just a few clicks. Integrating them in any web page is as simple as a copy/paste operation.

Improved performance

Kibella uses a proprietary cache system to store the most common queries. This way, you never need to re-compute aggregations, and you benefit from the questions of your peers. This not only makes things faster, but also reduces the load on the database. This cache is automatically updated when new data is loaded with Anatella.

Open Source Power

Kibella is open source, which means you can improve, add, and change functionalities to fit your needs. Community users often include additional plotting capabilities to fit their needs. Since the Kibella’s code is Based on well-known libraries (Angular JS and plotly), it is accessible to millions of developers worldwide. The Kibella Github repository is open and is visible here.

Robust Platform

Kibella runs on an Apache server with PHP functionalities. By using the most common platform, we make sure to have a robust, secure, and efficient system… and also a BI solution that can be easily deployed on any web server. Kibella runs on almost any system (UwAmp on MS-Windows servers and LAMP on Unix servers).

Full Control

Dashboards can be published in opened or protected mode: this means some users will be able to add items, move charts, etc., while others will simply view and use the dashboards. Your data can also be deployed in the cloud, or on your own server, or on an intranet for increased control and security.

Easy sharing

There are three sharing modes:

  • Embed this dashboard: Generates a small HTML code that you can copy/paste into any HTML page to embed your dashboard in the webpage (the dashboard is inside an iframe).
  • Share a read only link: share a link so users can visualize, but not change the dashboard.
  • Share a link: send a link where user can rearrange and modify the dashboard.


Bouygues Telecom
Telecom operator in France

“The optimal solution to extract advanced Social Network Algorithms metrics out of gigantic social data graphs.”

Telecom operator in Belgium

“We reduced by 10% the churn on the customer-segment with the highest churn rate.”

Mobile network provider

“TIMi framework includes a very flexible ETL tool that swiftly handles terabyte-size datasets on an ordinary desktop computer.”