TIMi modeler



Find interesting figures

  • Detect (multivariate) outliers and invalid data.
  • Find segments of customers having similar behaviour.
  • Validate from a business-perspective the different segments using intuitive bar-charts easily comprehensible by a business-user.
  • Automatically create HTML reports that includes many charts and histograms that explains from a business-perspective your different segments.
  • Discover hidden multivariate patterns inside your data.
  • Explain in more details the profile of your targets, as identifies by Modelert, the Auto-ML tool included in TIMi.

Create Segmentation Models

  • Create segmentation models that you can use later on to select automatically a subset of the population used to construct a predictive model.
  • Project automatically the segmentation on a updated and/or larger apply dataset.

Perform text-mining analysis

Automatically find the different “Themes” of the text-documents (using LSI: latent semantic indexing) and automatically assign any new document to a “theme”.


Real-time 3D visualization

Stardust offers you real-time 3D visualization of your whole population. The rendering of the 3D display is performed using hardware-accelerated OpenGL libraries. These high-performance libraries allow the smooth display of millions of customers in real time.


The analytical engine of StarDust creates high-quality segmentation on databases of several gigabytes in a few minutes. Stardust can easily process and display databases containing millions of customers.


The analytical engine of Stardust integrates many algorithms classically used for segmentation analysis, such as: PCA algorithm, quantile-recoding algorithm, “Minimum spanning tree” algorithm, many variation of the “ward’s algorithm”, many variations of the “K-Means algorithm”, etc.


Stardust offers a great variety of distance-definitions: Pearson-Distance, Cosine-Distance, Euclidean-Distance, etc. All these algorithms and options are at a few mouse-clicks from you!


Stardust is Multi-touch enabled, so that you can explore your population with your fingers!

VR Enabled

Jump into your VIVE or Occulus and start exploring your data in a virtual-reality environment! Really “touch” data-points and see in real-time the data that is “hidden behind” each voxel-point.


Bouygues Telecom
Telecom operator in France

“The optimal solution to extract advanced Social Network Algorithms metrics out of gigantic social data graphs.”

Telecom operator in Belgium

“We reduced by 10% the churn on the customer-segment with the highest churn rate.”

Mobile network provider

“TIMi framework includes a very flexible ETL tool that swiftly handles terabyte-size datasets on an ordinary desktop computer.”