Boost analytical culture in your company

There is a way to ensure the success of your analytical initiatives: the Analytical Culture. Discover the 5 prerequisites for your company to develop an analytical culture.

The 11 challenges of data preparation and data wrangling

The events of 2020 have accelerated the shift to teleworking and digital relationships. With digitalisation, another transformation is also underway: the analytical transformation. To cope with this data revolution, companies don’t necessarily have the right tools when it comes to preparing and analysing data. Discover 11 characteristics that define the perfect data wrangling / data preparation solution.

What’s the best machine for data science?

What’s the best machine for data science? A recurrent question in many data science blogs is “hey guys, what machine would your recommend to do data science?”.The question is very interesting, as there isn’t a single answer to it. For example, if you plan to work in a cloud environment (note that in most cases,