Built for iterative work

Quickly iterate thanks to the unique “meta-data-free” feature of Anatella.

Short demo

A short introduction to data manipulation with Anatella.

BI, Analytics and Predictive Analytics projects are characterized by their “exploratory” nature. Before starting such projects, you don’t know in advance the “right” KPI’s to compute or the “right” features to create. This means that Analytics Projects usually involves several “iterations”. At each iteration your KPI’s are “refined”, your “features” discriminates more, your dataset gets cleaner. Thus, you need a Data Management Tool that allows you to quickly “iterate” over different variations of your data transformations.

That’s why Anatella has been designed to be 100% metadata free. This feature allows analysts to easily create thousands of new variables for predictive analytics projects.

Metadata free

In this regard, Anatella is very much like MS-Excel: Inside Excel, you don’t need to specify “by hand” the data-types of each of your columns or cells. Anatella automatically find the right data-types, so that the equations inside your sheets are working without you spending time to define any meta-datas.


Anatella requires little time and practice to get used to it. After a little while, you’ll be as comfortable using Anatella as using MS-Excel. Business-users without technical training are usually able to use Anatella without too much headaches. Actually, many companies that started using Anatella have now almost entirely replaced Excel with Anatella everywhere.


The “meta-data free” architecture allows you to create specific analytical datasets for machine learning and predictive analytics. You don’t have to specify “by hand” the meta-datas. This allows you to have more columns/variables and iterates much more rapidly to obtain the required, optimized transformation.