Anatella training sessions

There are 2 different trainings:

For simple users

This training is open to any profile: Business, IT, dataminer.
Duration: from ½ to 1 day.

Anatella is an ETL tool especially created for data preparation for datamining purposes. Anatella already integrates many different “standard” data-transformations (to merge, join, filter tables). Anybody can use the simple “data-transformation” operators included in standard inside Anatella. The full list of available operators is given in section 4.8 of the Anatella Quick User’s guide available.

Anatella is quite straight-forward to use. Most users that are already familiar with other ETL tools will understand it directly. For the other users, half a day of formation is more than enough to cover the essentials and a full day might be necessary to explore some of the “most advanced” data operators (like the transformation“from an event-level-table to a customer-level-table”).

For expert users

This training is open to anybody with some notion of programmation: Business (if motivated), IT, dataminer.
Duration: 1 to 2 days + simple user course.

Anatella includes a full scripting language (based on JavaScript which is the easiest and the most spread language in the world) that allows to easily develop the most complex data-transformations. To develop new transformations, you must be able to understand simple procedural programmation: it is usually a task devoted to the IT department.

Developing new data-transformation with Anatella is quite straight forward to anybody accustomed to programming in JavaScript. Since JavaScript is a very easy language to learn, a small formation of one or two days (depending on your level in simple, procedural programmation) is enough to cover the basics and get you started.

See the section 5.2. of Anatella quick user’s guide for a short introduction to JavaScript.