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Anatella’s speed and ability to handle billions of records makes it a perfect fit to improve the performance of BI architecture. Without adding costly servers, Anatella pre-processes and organizes the data that is sent to Bi solution for visualization and exploration.

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Give life to your data with the latest addition in our product family! Kibella allows you to create visually attractive dashboards, interact with the data with one click, and simply add new features without the need of programming skills. Kibella is the final layer of interaction with the data needed by citizen data scientists… as well as data scientists in general!

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Integration with other solutions

In addition to a full integration with Kibella, Anatella read,create & updates QVX files for Qlik, and create/update Hyper (or TDE) files for Tableau, which means it fully integrates the ability to generate the deltas in those solutions and only process newer information, unless required otherwise. Based on your preferences, you can also easily generate the large JSON files necessary to take full benefits of KIBANA, or generate SQLITE files, on the fly.
By integrating most KPI computations in the ETL, the load is taken away from the server at run time: BI solutions focus on displaying the data, not computing. This reduces the requirements in quantity of servers to guarantee the same level of QoS, as more users can request information from the BI server without affecting its performance, processor wise.