Since 2007, TIMi offers one of the most
efficient & accurate analytic and advanced analytic solution
available in the industry.


Using practically no infrastructure (e.g. typically 2 or 3 laptops), TIMi’s real-time
analytical engine updates easily every day your 360° customer-view, all your KPI’s and
all your predictive models to track any customer behavior change at all time.

Customer Experience

Listen to your data and identify the key moments in your customer relationship. Boost your cross-selling by leveraging your customer history. Increase customer loyalty by performing the right retention action at the right time. Maximize the potential of each client.

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Strategic Decisions

Make choices informed by precise and accessible predictive models. Make the best investments and optimize your stocks Optimize your media investments.

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Business Intelligence

Manage your business with customizable dashboards and reports that update automatically. Visualize your customers on an interactive world map.

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Risk management

Control and reduce your risk exposure: a production line that stops, unpaid debts that accumulate, invisible fraud that reduces your margins … These are all reasons to set up risk detection models.

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Automated processes

Juggle your data with guaranteed compatibility with all your tools. Automate your reports, distribution and all your digital processes. Everything is accessible without code, with the mouse, with a light infrastructure.

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Other innovations

Innovate with ready-to-use IoT solutions with light infrastructure (1 or 2 servers) and create better 360 ° views using advanced text mining features such as: data cleaning (address fields, names, first names, etc.) ), fuzzy joins, entity extraction, automatic labeling, translation …

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