Since 2007, TIMi offers one of the most
efficient & accurate analytic and advanced analytic solution
available in the industry.


Using practically no infrastructure (e.g. typically 2 or 3 laptops), TIMi’s real-time
analytical engine updates easily every day your 360° customer-view, all your KPI’s and
all your predictive models to track any customer behavior change at all time.

Business Intelligence

Easy data integration and simple dashboarding, with complete charting capabilities.

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Data management & analytics

Rely on a leaner architecture to extract Business-ready information, faster and much easier than you thought it possible.

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Advanced Analytics

Timi allows you to easily create, through a wizard-based interface, any predictive model for any classical application of predictive datamining.

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Decision management

Models don’t make decisions. People do. But they make better one when models are faster, better, stronger. We have the technology. You can, too.

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Customer Intelligence

Know your customers, and anticipate their needs. Harvest the value from the vast amount of data at your disposal… effortlessly!

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Internet of things

Anatella offers an out of the box solution for MQTT allowing organization to be fully in control of their data without spending on heavy infrastructure.

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Industrial processes and value chain

Connect, Transform, Organize, Predict and report, all from the same platform, all (almost) code free.

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