Advanced Analytics
Not all predictive analytics tools are born equal

The main objective of any advanced analytic tool is to generate the most accurate ranking,
or “list of candidates”. There are 2 main approaches to generate the ranking: segmentation or prediction.


Segmentation tools

This covers 99% of the available tools. These tools are very easy to create and are, most of the time, only a small component into a larger “Operational CRM tool”. Some Example: Probance, Miner3D, Webtrends Segments,…

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Predictive analytic tools

These tools are quite intricate to create and although they all deliver superior performances compared to simple “Segmentation tools”, the quality of the delivered results (quality of the ranking) varies greatly between them.

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Comparison of both techniques

Lets now compare these 2 approaches in terms of ROI. By its very nature, segmentation is a technique well-adapted for exploratory work. In opposition, predictive analytics is discriminatory in nature.

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