The TIMi project was born from a will to integrate ethics in the new technologies sector. Our corporate culture is based on moral and ethical values that drive us to Excellence. This is reflected in each of our decisions and each of our achievements.



You take the control

When it comes to creating or evolving your analytical system, the TIMi Suite allows you to keep control over your costs without having to depend on third parties. We position ourselves as a software company accessible to all data scientists, whether they are experts or citizen data scientists. We allow everyone to take control of their analyses easily and independently.

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You stay in control

Because of its simplicity, the TIMi Suite gives you the assurance to keep your business expertise in-house and capitalize on it for the future. Thus, you avoid having to start from scratch when a “key” collaborator leaves you. The whole team will be leading the evolution of the work already done. You can thus devote yourself fully to your “core business”.

Reliable advice

We remain objective about the challenges that drive you. Our clients ask us for advice on various digital needs (related to TIMi or others) and we always respond to them by taking into account their long-term perspectives. We wish to make our clients grow by making them autonomous through open and frank communication. The knowledge of each one is thus enriched.


The excellence of our solution allows it to impose itself naturally as the ideal solution.

1. No entry lock-in

No “lock-in” situation with high initial investment costs such as activation fees or infrastructure costs.

At TIMi, you only pay an annual license fee that includes access to tools, updates, support and training.

Since there is no activation fee, you are free to switch to another technology at any time without losing any initial investment.

2. No cost and start up time lock-in

It is common to invest several months of work in a technology before deploring the inadequacy of the chosen solution. At this point, there is no turning back because too much time and money has been invested.

On the contrary, the TIMi Suite is operational from the very first days, without having to wait several weeks or even months to see that our solutions meet your needs.

3. No lock-in on data input/output flows

You have full access to your data at all times for any use. In the same data transformation performed with TIMi, data passes freely from one technology to another without constraint. TIMi easily integrates all current technologies: Cross freely the data from TIMi, your CRM, your ERP, your Big Data, Excel…

You are no longer tied to a family of products from the same company.

4. No technology lock-in

We are open to all technologies, including open-source technologies (R & Python) at no extra cost! Moreover, when you use R & Python in TIMi, there are almost no more volume limits: you are not constrained anymore by the RAM available in your server. You will only find this feature in TIMi!

We refuse to favor a particular cloud technology. With TIMi, you are free to choose your technological environment, on the cloud or not, but most of all without extra cost.

5. No visibility lock-in

Code obfuscation is a reality today. It consists in masking the functioning of a simple process by writing overly complicated code to prevent anyone else from understanding it and taking it over by himself.

Many consultants deploy “obfuscated” solutions that only they can maintain and improve so that you remain constantly dependent on their expensive services.

With TIMi it is almost impossible to obfuscate anything.

Consultants using TIMi have your interest in process and data ownership at heart: they quickly provide you with an advanced solution that you can easily improve and maintain in-house.

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6. No code lock-in

Business opportunities, innovations, administrative simplifications… are postponed to the Greek calendar due to the lack of availability of the IT department. Indeed, this department is often limited in the number of employees trained in the selected computer language.

The TIMi Suite, because of its ease of use, is accessible to all people in all departments. The company thus gains in agility and autonomy of each department.

Our technology thus inaugurates an analytical culture in which each employee contributes to the continuous improvement of his or her organization.

7. No lock-in of divas

It is not uncommon to meet “divas”: “key” employees who are the only ones to master the selected computer language. These “divas” represent an important risk because :

  • They impose a limited choice of technologies to promote their own interest to the detriment of the company’s interest. Your company is stagnating with obsolete technologies.
  • A company’s analytical system can collapse when they leave.

Thanks to TIMi, your computer system is no longer dependent on the goodwill of a “diva”. Indeed, TIMi values more the business expertise rather than the ability to write code, allowing the greatest number of people to contribute to the evolution of the company.

8. No exit lock-in

There are many one-way analytical systems: Data comes in but it is very difficult, if not impossible, to get it out, even if you pay for it!

TIMi refuses to take your data hostage. You are free at any time, at no cost, to have all your data for any use, in any system, with any technology.


The “Total Cost of Ownership” of an open source solution (without license fees) may seem attractive, but in reality, nowadays most of the costs come from :

  • Unethical behavior, especially from external consultants (who charge you several months of work to create and then manage your analytical stack).
  • Training costs for your staff. It usually takes months before a new employee can work effectively on your analytical system, as they have to familiarize themselves with thousands of lines of complex code (Python, R, Scala).
  • Infrastructure costs (especially if you decide to go “in the cloud”). It sounds cheap at first, but it becomes very expensive, very quickly.

The “Total Cost of Ownership” of an analytical system based on TIMi is usually one tenth of any other solution (including “free and open source” solutions).

to all humanitarian companies or projects

We want to offer to everybody the possibility to look at their data as easily and efficiently as possible because we trust that we can build and live in a better world if we start using more the data that surrounds us. This is why our tools and solutions are 100% for free for:

  • Charity Companies, NGO’s, humanitarian companies
  • Any consulting company engaged in charity or humanitarian work
  • Video Game Makers (because we love video games!)
  • Universities for any teaching activities (e.g. learn how to use Machine Learning to MBA Students).
  • University students to learn BI, Analytics, Advanced Analytics
  • “Startup Companies”, to bootstrap their activities
  • Ask us! If you think that you are engaging in some positive activities for the planet, There are great chance that you’ll get TIMi for free (or for a small, negligible price): …Just contact us!