We Empower our clients

As a software company, we are focusing on developing software and we want to limit to the minimum
the amount of consultancy work that we do (to avoid entering in competition with our partners and resellers).
Our interest is to make our customers as autonomous and clever as possible

We want to limit to the minimum the amount of support/consultancy work, this means that our tools (usually!) do not crash, they don’t exhibit unexpected behaviors and they are generally stable.

When we provide some consultancy work:

  • We (nearly) always engage in “fixed fee” projects (in opposition to projects paid “per day”), again to avoid any “conflict of interests”. Indeed, it does not make any sense to create the fastest analytical framework in the market and, at the same time, having our (consulting) revenues that are increasing when we work slower.
  • We always strive to deliver solutions that will continue to work once the project is finished, with as little maintenance cost as possible (or no maintenance costs at all).