Scalable IoT solutions


The Internet of Things is probably the hottest topic right now, talking about the integration of data from your car to your toaster, passing through your alarm clock, HVAC, and wrist watch. Basically, capturing data form everybody’s everyday life. When people think about IoT, they think Google, they think huge infrastructure, they think distributed computing.

For the industry, however, this is nothing new. For decades, we’ve had to capture and analyze sensor data, RFID information, and every day we faced a technical challenge to do it fast enough to transform this data into information.

This is the vision we share: make things possible with what we have.  Not only should we capture data, we must analyze it in real time and build predictive models so actions can be taken in a timely manner. Instead of looking back at how much our machines were down, try to predict when they will be… and avoid it! Instead of looking back at how many times we were out of stock, look ahead and predict your needs at an SKU level.

Anatella offers an out of the box solution for MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport), allowing organization to be fully in control of their data, without spending on heavy infrastructure.

Thanks to its proprietary file format, Anatella allows storage of vast amount of information on small infrastructure (a simple NAS can store billions of records without any problems), and its unique data processing technology lets organization act on IoT data with simple PCs.

Why wait? You are already doing efforts to capture your data. All you have left to do is connect… and be awesome!