TIMi Cloud – Monthly

 540,00 / maand

Full featured and full speed Anatella
Hardware: AX101
Server Storage: 100 GB


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Full featured and full speed Anatella

540€ per month without minimum duration.

You’ll receive an invoice of 540€+vat at the start of each month.

For these prices, you receive the connection details (URL+Login+password) to connect to your “TIMi Cloud” server and use it. A demo of the login page is visible here: https://timi.eu/demo

Instant delivery: What would be “The Cloud” without the pleasure and the gratification to get a complete solution instantaneously? Click the “purchase” button and you get in the second all you need to start analysis your data. No server to boot up and setup. Nothing to do. Instant access to the greatest Data science tool on the market!

What’s included ?

  • The connections details to connect to your “TIMi cloud” server: 1 user, unlimited “guests”.

  • Your “TIMi cloud” server equipped with:
    • Anatella
            All optional Anatella nodes (see here) are available.
    • Other third-party tools:
      • Jenkins (to schedule all your Anatella jobs)
      • R v3.6.3 (to execute all the R-based actions inside Anatella).
      • Anaconda with a Python v3.7.3 engine, to execute all the Python-based actions inside Anatella.
      • QGis : This is ideal to complement Anatella’s advanced GIS features (for more details: see the section of the “AnatellaQuickGuide.pdf” ) with some advanced GIS display capabilities.
      • Nominatim: To make an unlimited number of geocodings with Anatella.
      • Tortoise SVN: For revision-control of all your Anatella graphs.
      • ODBC Drivers to access many common databases: MS‑SQLServer, MS-Access, MySQL, Oracle, PostGreSQL (RedShift), Snowflake, Teradata, SQLite, IBM DB2.
        You can ask us to install a specific ODBC driver for you if you require so. We’ll do that for free if you provide the required installation files.
      • OleDB Drivers: for MS‑SQLServer.
      • Special connectors: OCI connectors to Oracle, SAP Netweaver/Hana ABAP connector, High speed native connector to PostGreSQL through the LibPQ library, High speed native connector to RedShift/Swnoflake (insert only).
      • Text editors: Visual Studio Code, Notepad++.
      • Code Compare (from DevArt): to quickly compare different versions of your graphs or compare different directories.
      • Others: Winrar, HDGraph, Office 2019, Firefox, the Hyper database engine (to produce .hyper database files for Tableau).

  • We update for you the local installation of TIMi inside your “TIMi cloud” server on a regular basis so that you always have the latest & greatest version.

  • All our Cloud offers are equipped with an automated BACKUP engine that stores the generated backup-data-files inside a separated data center (in Helsinky/Finland). To schedule our backups we use the traditional “Grandfather/Father/Son” approach. More precisely, the backups are created in this way:

    • Each Month, on the first Sunday, at 9:00: Full backup (retention: 26 months).
    • Each Week, on Sunday, at 9:00: Differential backup (retention: 4 weeks).
    • Each Day, at 22:00: Incremental backup (retention: 14 days).
    For a graphical explanation of the different terms used hereabove (i.e. Full, Differential and Incremental backup), you can refer to this Youtube video.
    Here is a screenshot extracted from this Youtube video.
    The backup procedure is automated. However, the file restoration procedure is available on manual request (e.g. through our support page) and the quantity of restoration per week is limited to 2.

  • Your “TIMi cloud” server is a MUTUALIZED server. This means that you are not alone on the server. This also means that:

    • We do not offer any guarantee on the CPU, RAM and network bandwidth resources. There might be times where you’ll have to share these with the other users.
    • You are limited to a local storage of 100 GB inside the “TIMi cloud” server. However, you get no limitations to the amount of data you can process “in streaming” with Anatella. For example, if you compare that to a competitor (Zapier), this means that you get unlimited “zaps”
    • Despite the fact that we use very robust SSD’s, we still offer no guarantees on our storages. As this is the case with all MUTUALIZED offers around the world, this means that:
      • You should do your own data backup.
      • We take no responsibility in case of a data leakage.
    • We monitor all the “TIMi Cloud” servers for abusive usage of resources. This means that, if you use nearly all the resource of the server nearly all the time, and you let practically no resources for the other users on the server, we reserve the right to terminate your contract.

  • You get Level 1 support (see here).

Server Hardware specifications

The hardware specs of your “TIMi cloud” server are (This is a Hetzner AX101 server):

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X with 16-cores and 32 threads. According to this blog article on the TIMi.eu website, this is CPU is one the best CPU for data science (maybe the best).
  • Storage: You get a NVMe SSD directly connected to the motherboard. This ensures very fast disc access. Here is the classical “Crystal Disc benchmark” running on a “TIMi cloud” server  (This is just indicative: This is a non-contractual level of performance). You should know that other cloud providers are giving your access to deported SSD storage: i.e. You are actually reading&writing data from/to a SSD that is physically connected to a distant machine: All accesses to the SSD’s are “going through” an ethernet cable that is typically limited to only 100 MB/s (instead of 3100 MB/s inside your “TIMi cloud” server).
  • RAM Memory: 128 GB.
  • Ethernet connection Speed: 10 Gigabit network connection non-metered (around 1GB/s)
  • Internet connection Latency and Stability: Your TIMi cloud server is directly connected to the largest internet node in Europe (that is in Falkenstein, Germany). The stability of the internet connection of your “TIMi cloud” server and the low-latency/high-speed of the connection is therefore guaranteed. As an example, TIMi employees in Latin America (located in Bogota and Peru) use our “TIMi cloud” servers located in Falkenstein and no latency is noticeable. You get maximum comfort of use

GDPR Compliance and Security

The two companies managing your TIMi Cloud server are two 100% European companies (Hetzner for the hardware and TIMi SRL for the software). This means that you can store in your “TIMi cloud” server any confidential data from European citizens without being in infraction with the GDPR.

Your TIMi Cloud server has a fixed IPv4 address. This means that you can easily configure your firewall between the TIMi server and the rest of your infrastructure, for maximum security.

For the upmost security, all TIMi servers are equipped with the Two-factor-authentification (using the Google Authenticator app), and with last-generation, best-in-class, intelligent firewall and antivirus.


With your connection details, only one user can connect at-a-time: If you want several users to connect simultaneously, you need to purchase more connections (for the indicated price here above). However, once connected, you can invite “guests” to work with you in a collaborative way (screen, keyboard & mouse sharing).

Your connections details will remain valid for the whole duration of the contract. The contract renews automatically. Go to your account settings to stop automatic renewal. If you decide to close the contract, your connection details will be invalidated and we’ll purge all your data and files from our servers.

You have no limitations to the way you exploit the results produced by TIMi: You can use the obtained results (predictive models, kpi, etc.) in any way you see fit (as long as you respect the standard EULA agreement). These results 100% belong to you. The data-transformation-graphs that you created with Anatella might be stored inside our servers but they also 100% belong to you.


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