5.13. TA - R Discovery Analytics

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5.13. TA - R Discovery Analytics

As for the predictive analysis tools, actions in this category allow the automated selection of variables. Most actions have the following structure. As the entire matrix will be sent to the R engine, it is a good idea to make a preselection of the relevant variables if you have many thousands of dimensions.


This section contains the following sub-sections:


5.13.1. PCA (R action)

5.13.2. Hierarchical Clustering (R action)

5.13.3. K-Means Clustering (R action)

5.13.4. K-Medoids Clustering (R action)

5.13.5. Model Clustering (R action)

5.13.6. Latent Class Analysis Clustering (R action)

5.13.7. DBSCAN Clustering (R action)

5.13.8. Bayesian Network (R action)
5.13.9. Cross Tabulation (R action)