5.13.9. Cross Tabulation (clip0243 action)

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5.13.9. Cross Tabulation (clip0243 action)


Icon: clip1328  

Function: My_R_CrosTable

Property window:




Short description:

Build a cross tab table for frequencies or means, with or without significance tests. This is equivalent to the Custom Tables from SPSS.


Long Description:

Use this node to generate a table as the following, in which you can control easily which variables are nested:



The output can be any combination of

An anatella table

An HTML Table

An Excel file




Output HTML Table: set name of the html file containing the table (can be existing, with the Append option)

Nominal Row Variable : select the nominal vbariables to compare

Nested Mode for Rows: select if you want to set dependencies between your nominal variables

Numerical Row Variables: select the variables on which you wish to compare means

Column Variables: select the variables on which you wish to perform the “Group By”

Nested mode for Columns:

Table Title: name of the table in the HTML file, and the TAB in the Excel file

Significance LeveL default is 0.05

Table Mode:


Mix Metrics and Significance: generates a single table in which the significance is marked next to the numeric metric

Separate Significance: generate two tables, one with only the metric, and one combined

No Significance: only show the metric

Apply Bonferroni Correction: self explanatory

Display HTML: display the HTML file on completion

Export to Excel: Export table to an excel file, in the same directory as the HTML File


Append to existing file: add the table to the current HTML File, and the Excel as a new Tab