4. How to use Anatella?

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4. How to use Anatella?


A good starting point to learn how to use Anatella is the tutorial available here:

This tutorial is composed of 8 videos and it covers everything that you need to know when starting to use Anatella.


The screen capture below illustrates the main window of Anatella in which all the development occurs.





This section contains the following sub-sections:


4.1. A first example

4.2. Anatella Actions

4.3. A second example

4.4. Execution of Anatella-Graphs

4.5. Working with the HD cache

4.6. Working with Anatella-Graphs

4.7. Batch Execution / Anatella command-line

4.8. Scheduling Anatella Graphs

4.9. Running an Anatella graph from another language (i.e. from Python, Jenkins, Php, Perl, etc.)

4.10. Linux Support: Running an Anatella graph in Linux