4.8. Scheduling Anatella Graphs

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4.8. Scheduling Anatella Graphs


To run different Anatella graphs at regular intervals, you can use any “scheduling tool”: The most common “scheduling” or “continuous integration” tools are: Jenkins, the Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler, VisualCron, Z-Cron, TeamCity, WinScheduler, etc.


To schedule your Anatella graphs we advise you to use “Jenkins”. You’ll find a detailed list of the many advantages of Jenkins in the next section 4.8.1.


If you don’t have administrative rights to install Jenkins on your machine, you can still also use the simpler “Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler”: see the section (4.10.) for some explanation on how to use Anatella and the “Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler” together. The main disadvantage of the simple “Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler” is that, by default, it does not keep track of all the execution logs so that it’s more difficult to find&fix the problems that might arise during scheduled executions (but you can correct that situation using the “-tf” flag: see the section 4.7.4. for more details).


This section contains the following sub-sections:


4.8.1. Why Jenkins?

4.8.2. Installing Jenkins

4.8.3. Solving Jenkins Installation Errors

4.8.4. Scheduling your first Anatella graph with Jenkins

4.8.5. Testing your scheduled Graphs

4.8.6. Defining when your graphs are running (CRON string)

4.8.7. Backing up Jenkins

4.8.8. Configuring Jenkins to send email notifications in case of errors

4.8.9. Configuring the Jenkins Execution Queue

4.8.10. Using the Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler with Anatella