4.8.5. Testing your scheduled Graphs

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4.8.5. Testing your scheduled Graphs

Once an Anatella graph is added inside Jenkins it appears inside the Jenkins web interface: For example, in the example from the section 4.8.4. here above, we just finished adding into Jenkins the Anatella graph named “create_excel”. It’s now visible here:




At this point, no need to wait for Jenkins to run the graph: We can execute it directly by clicking here: on the clip1297  icon.




After a few seconds, refresh the webpage (press F5 or click the clip1298 refresh button in your internet browser): You should see:




To see the content of the Anatella log window, click here:





..and then click here:



The content of the Anatella log window is here:   .  





Check this log to see:

.. if your graphs worked as expected.

.. easily find & fix any errors in your graphs.