4.3. A second example

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4.3. A second example


We will create an Anatella-Graph that reads a CSV file, filter some rows out of the CSV file and write back on the Hard Drive the “filtered” CSV file.


Add inside the Anatella-Graph, the following Actions:


CSV file reader : ANATEL~1_img11

Row filter: ANATEL~1_img57

CSV file writer: ANATEL~1_img58

Global Run Flag: ANATEL~1_img59


You should obtain something like this:




If required, click on the ANATEL~1_img61  icon in the main toolbar: number1   We are now in “Connect mode”: We will connect the different Actions together. Let’s do a simple left-click on the output pin of the “CSV file reader ANATEL~1_img11 Action”: A red line appears:




Now, click on the input pin of the “Row filter ANATEL~1_img57 Action”:




We just created a new arrow that means: “The table that is coming from the CSV file will be injected into the Row filter Action.



TIP: You can use the “middle-mouse-click” to easily switch between “Connect mode” and “Run mode”.


TIP: When you are drawing a new Arrow, you will notice that there is a “red line” that is following your mouse: This “red line” is a “preview” of the new Arrow that will soon be added to your Anatella-Transformation-Graph.




TIP: To cancel drawing a new arrow (to remove the “red line” that is always following your mouse): you can:

* Press the Escape Key.

* Right-click several times until the “red line” disappears.

* Middle-mouse-click (this will also switch to “Run mode”).


Let’s connect all the actions together. We obtain something like this:







TIP: The arrows that are connecting the Anatella actions are not always “straight lines”: You can give to these arrows very complex shapes: When the “red line” is visible, left-click anywhere inside the graph window to “shape” the arrow in any shape that you want. In the following small example we are in the process of creating a new arrow with a complex “S” shape:



It can happen that sometime, you left-clicked several times at several wrong locations on the graph and you obtained a “wrong arrow shape”: For example:


This is not a problem: you can always RIGHT-click to undo any LEFT-click that you made. Using the RIGHT-click mouse button, you can easily correct the current “arrow shape” to easily obtain the desired result.
For example, if I RIGHT-click 3 times, then I undo the 3 last LEFT-clicks and I obtain:




You will find detailed explanations in the sections 5.2.1, 5.5.7 and 5.26.1 on how to configure the “CSV file reader ANATEL~1_img11 Action”, the “Row filter ANATEL~1_img57Action” and the “CSV file writer ANATEL~1_img58 Action”. See the next section to have more information about the last action used: the “Global Run Flag ANATEL~1_img59 Action”.


When you click on the ANATEL~1_img78  button inside the main toolbar of Anatellanumber1, you execute the Anatella-graph: The below example creates a new CSV file that only contains “filtered rows”. Here is a screenshot of an execution example: