3. How to run Anatella?

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3. How to run Anatella?

To run Anatella, you either double-click on the Anatella icon on your desktop:anatella-icon

... or you can double-click, inside a “MSWindow-File-Explorer-Window”, on any Anatella-Data-Transformation-Graph file (i.e. any file with the extension “.anatella”). This will run Anatella and open the corresponding file.



To open an Anatella-data-transformation-graph file (i.e. an “.anatella” file), you can:

Double-click an “.anatella” file inside your “Ms-Windows File Explorer” (this first option is my favourite).

Use the drop-down menu FILE ð OPEN inside Anatella

Drag&drop your file from the “Windows File Explorer” into the Anatella window.



TIP: When you double-click an “.anatella” file inside the “MS-Windows File explorer”, Anatella searches for all the opened Windows to check if the “.anatella” file is not already opened somewhere. If your “.anatella” graph file is indeed already opened, the focus changes to the proper Window, allowing you to instantaneously continue editing your “.anatella” file. In this way, there is no danger of editing the same “.anatella” file using several different Windows (because Anatella always prevents that from happening).


This is very convenient. Personnally, I always keep visible a “MS-Windows File explorer” Window showing me all the “.anatella” files that I am currently working on: I use this “File explorer” Window to quickly switch from editing one “.anatella” graph to another graph: I simply double-click on the file I want to edit to rapidly switch from one “.anatella” file to another.