4.5. Working with the HD cache

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4.5. Working with the HD cache


Inside Anatella, the HD cache has 3 usages:

1.Improving execution speed when developing new Anatella-Graphs: more explanations at this subject in section 4.2.6.

2.A “HD cache”/ “Gel file” is required to be able to display the “preview” data-table inside the Anatella main windows.

3.In some situations, a “Gel file” is required for the “normal execution” of the Anatella graph. See for example the section 5.6 (or the “Script 2” in the section 4.4.1, hereabove).


This section contains the following sub-sections:

4.5.1. Selecting the directory containing the “HD cache” / “Gel files”.

4.5.2. Manual creation of “HD cache”/ “Gel files”

4.5.3. Forcing the automatic creation of a “HD cache”/ “Gel files” at each run

4.5.4. Automatic deletion of “HD cache”/“Gel files”

4.5.5. Manual deletion of “HD cache”/ “Gel files”

4.5.6. Cleaning-up old and un-used “HD cache”/ “Gel files”