How to get the Facebook PageID’s?

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Here are the steps:


1.You need to grant to your new App the access to all the required pages. To do so:


1.1. Open the Facebook Explorer tool:

Open in your browser this URL:   https://developers.facebook.com/tools/explorer
You can also click here:





1.2.Inside the “Facebook Explorer tool”, select your App number1, open the “User or Page” combobox number2 and select “Get Page Access Token”: number3





1.3. Confirm your login:





1.4.Select all the Pages that you want to access using Anatella and click the “Next” button:




1.5.You should now see this:





1.6.Click the ok button to close this window.



2.The Facebook Action inside Anatella works this way:




The Facebook Action requires as input a table with the PageID’s of all the Facebook pages that you want to analyze with Anatella. To get the PageID of a Facebook page, open the desired Facebook page in a browser and click the “About” link in the column on the left: For example, for the “TIMi Suite” facebook page, you click the “About” link here:





The required “Page ID” (that you need to copy in Anatella) is at the bottom of the “About” WebPage: