Running Jenkins as the LocalSystem Account

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Running Jenkins under your own account usually solves many different problems. For example, if you did not install Jenkins under your own account, you’ll most certainly experience the following difficulties/errors:


1.The “shared drives” (i.e. the network drives: Typically “Z:”) are not accessible to the “Local System Account”: You must execute Jenkins under you own account to have access to the “shared drives”.

2.If your Anatella Graphs are using a Type-1 ODBC connection, make sure that this ODBC connection (i.e. the “ODBC DSN” or ODBC link) is inside the category “System DSN” (and not “User DSN”), otherwise the Graphs executed by Jenkins won’t have access to your (ODBC) connections: You’ll find more information about the difference between “System DSN” and “User DSN” inside the section about Type-1 ODBC connections (you won’t have any problem if you are using Type‑2 ODBC connections).

3.Many functionnalities inside the R or Python Engine are not working when executed under the “Local System Account” (although they are working ok when executed under your own personal account).

4.You must enter your Anatella Serial Number as a “System-Wide License” (otherwise the Jenkins user won’t have the required Serial Number to run Anatella). More precisely: You must follow the procedure given in section 7.4.4 to enter your Licence.


The good news is that you can always decide later to execute Jenkins under your own account rather than under the LocalSystem account. To change which user/account is executing Jenkins, follow the procedure given on step 11. of the section 4.8.2.