Allow your “Windows User/Account” to execute as a service

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Let’s give to your user account the rights to execute as a service! If you are not authorized to get these rights, you can still run Jenkins under the “LocalSystem” account: See the section for more details on this subject.


1.Press simultaneously the keys [WIN]+[R] on your keyboard to open the “Run” window. Then write “secpol.msc” number1 and click the “OK” button number2:





2.Inside the “Local Security Policy” window, inside the tree structure on the left, select “Local Policiesnumber1 and, just below: “User Rights Assignmentnumber2. Then, in the same window, in the right pane, double-click the line named “Log on as a servicenumber3:





3.Click the “Add User or Group…” button:





4.Enter your MS-Window Login number1 and click the “Check Names” button number2:





Your short name is now verified and replaced by your “Full” name, including the “Windows Domain” prefix:




 Click the “OK” button


5.Click the “OK” button:





6.Close the “Local Security Policy” window.