9. Anatella for the Expert Users

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9. Anatella for the Expert Users


Only the Anatella “expert users” have access to the Anatella “expert features”. The “expert features” allow you to develop rapidly brand new Actions. New Anatella Actions can be coded in either Javascript, R, Python or C/C++.


To become an Anatella “expert user” (i.e. to switch between the normal and expert user mode), you can:


1.Press CTRL-U anytime (‘U’ stands for User mode)

2.Click the AN76E5~1_img82 / AN76E5~1_img83 button in the main toolbar of the application.


3.Click the very small AN76E5~1_img82/AN76E5~1_img86 button in the property window of any Script-based action:






To change the Key file inside the AN76E5~1_img88 Encrypt Action, you also need to switch to Expert-User-Mode.




This section contains the following sub-sections:


9.1. Developing new Script-Based Anatella Actions

9.2. About the integration of Javascript, R, Python inside Anatella

9.3. Defining script parameters

9.4. Using script parameters

9.5. Editing the Action descriptions

9.6. The Configuration Tab

9.7. Publishing, Maintaining and Sharing Script-Based Actions

9.8. Anatella-Scripts automatic versioning

9.9. Executing Scripts inside a N-Way Multithread section

9.10. Debugging JavaScripts-based Actions