Reading Corrupted “.gel_anatella” files

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When some bytes of some data-block inside a “.gel_anatella” file are corrupted, Anatella won’t be able to decompress the corrupted data-block anymore. When this happens, you can choose to, either:

Stop the data transformation with an error (This is the default behavior).


Discard the corrupted data-block (and all the rows that it contains), still continuing to execute the data transformation (but with a warning inside the log window). This is handy when you still want to continue the computations when there are only a few thousands rows that are “lost” out of several billion rows.


To be able to select this option, you need to switch to “Expert User Mode”: see section 6 about “Expert User Mode” (Press CTRL-U anytime to switch to expert user mode).


The quantity of lost rows depends on the data-block size. You can change the data-block size inside the “Graph Global Parameters” Windows: it’s the “Minimum Buffer Size” option (see above).