How to get your Jira Token?

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Follow these steps to get your Jira Token:

1.Open the login page of your Jira server and log-in into the system.

Typically, the login page of a Jira server looks like this:




2.Click on the little blue circle with your initials in the top-right corner of the Browser number1 and select inside the drop-down menu the “Account settings” option: number2



3.In the left column, click on “API Tokens”: number1



4.Click on the “Create API Token” button: number2

5.Enter any (meaningful) label for your token and click the “Create” button:




6.You get your new Jira API token: Click the “Copy” button and paste your token into Anatella.




Warning: There is no way of retrieving again the token from the Jira server after this step. This means that you need to store it in a safe place if you intend to use it again later on.