4.7.2. Defining Login and Password

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4.7.2. Defining Login and Password


When the Anatella “user management system” is active, you might need to give your credentials (i.e. your login and your password) on the command-line to receive the rights to run your Anatella graphs. To specify your login and password on the command-line, use the command-line options “-l” (for login) and “-p” (for password).


For example:


Anatella.exe –e "<file_to_execute.anatella>" -lScott -ptiger


… will run the given Anatella graph using the login “Scott” and the password “tiger”.



Please note that there are no spaces between “-l” and your login.

Please note that there are no spaces between “-p” and your password.



For increased security, you should only use a login/password without any privileges: i.e. without any “administrator” privilege and without any “Graph Editing” privilege: See section 4.6.3 about Anatella Graph’s Security.


For even greater security you can use a “Professionnal Job Scheduler” that is able to encrypt and hide the command-line (so that only authorized users can see the command-line that contains the login/password).