2.2.4. Going back to the Census-Income dataset

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2.2.4. Going back to the Census-Income dataset


Let’s go back to the « Census-Income» database. For each individual, we have 7 variables (7 numbers):

1.“number of people working for an  employer”

2.“capital losses“

3.“dividends from stocks”

4.“wages per hour “

5. “age”

6. “capital gain”

7. “weeks worked in year”

Thus, each individual is a 7D (seven dimensions) point. We will « project » these 7D points into 3 Dimension using the PCA technique. This is the result of the projection that is automatically delivered by Stardust:





Using Stardust, you can directly « see » for yourself the 3 segments inside the dataset. By simple visual inspection, you discover existing, natural segments inside your population. You can even see some outliers.