9.6.2. Cast

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9.6.2. Cast


A very common operation when programming in any language is to convert a value from one data-type to another (e.g. we want to convert a string to a floating-point number). In technical terms, changing the data-type of a value is named “casting”. For example: This will force Anatella to cast the String “42” to a number (because the first column of the Row Object “r” can only contain floating-point numbers):



The above example works nicely, but what happens if we write   AN76E5~1_img184 ?

This cast will fail (because it’s not possible to cast “foobar” to a number).


The “Cast” box defines how Anatella must react to “erroneous” casting. By default, for the above example, Anatella will abort the execution of the data-transformation-graph.