8.4. Avoid losing time when freezing

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8.4. Avoid losing time when freezing


Anatella is a pretty stable software but it can happen that it “freezes” when starting a very complex data transformation. Hopefully, this only happens when (re-)starting a graph execution in “interactive mode” (aborting a graph and running it again several times might let the engine in an incoherent state). Before executing any graph, Anatella always saves transparently on the hard drive your data transformation graphs so that you can quickly re-open them without losing any of your work, should something wrong happen.


This means that, if you see that something is not working as expected (i.e. Anatella is unexpectedly “freezing”), you can always click the AN76E5~1_img52 button and re-open quickly your data transformation graph without losing time.


There are several ways of launching a graph execution: You can:

Click the output pin of an Action.

Click the AN76E5~1_img57 buttons inside the toolbar.


Click the “Refresh from pin” button inside the “Column chooser” window.

Click the “dry-run” button of the AN76E5~1_img58 CreateTable Action.

If Anatella freezes when launching a graph execution, click the AN76E5~1_img52 button and re-open (instantaneously) your graph.