7.4.2. (re)Open the “Serial Number Manager” application

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7.4.2. (re)Open the “Serial Number Manager” application

There are several ways to open the “Serial Number Manager” application.
One first way is to click the “Enter Serial” button inside the Anatella Global Settings Window here:




Another way to open the “Serial Number Manager” application is the following:

1.Run the TIMi Main Menu: i.e. double double-click on the TIMi Suite icon:

The “TIMi Suite – Main Window” appears.


2.Inside the “TIMi Suite Main Window”, click on the “Manage Licenses” Tab, as illustrated below:




3.Click on the “Enter License” button, as illustrated below:





4.The TIMi “Serial Number Manager” application should now appear.



Still, another, alternative, method to open “Serial Number Manager” application is to run the “TIMiEnterLicense.exe” executable located inside the subdirectory “bin” inside the TIMi installation directory (i.e. Typically, you’ll run the file

  “C:\soft\TIMi\bin\TIMiEnterLicense.exe”  or

  “C:\Program Files\TIMi\bin\TIMiEnterLicense.exe”):