7.4.1. Get your serial Number at the first execution of Anatella

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7.4.1. Get your serial Number at the first execution of Anatella


The first time that you run AnatellaTIMi on a machine without any Serial Number, you are directly redirected to a Wizard that guides you through the procedure to get your Serial Number. The first screen of this Wizard is:





Click OK number1 to open your web browser to fill out a web form to request your serial number.




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Make sure that your email contains your Hardware-ID.

Without your Hardware-ID, we cannot create a "Serial Number".


In return for your email, the TIMi Suite representative will send you an email containing your license information (i.e. your "Serial Number").

At this point, please go back to the TIMi “Serial Number Manager” application and enter your "Serial Number" as indicated in the e-mail you received. See the illustration below :



You arrive on the web form to fill in:





After filling out the form, you arrive on this confirmation page :




Your request for a "Serial Number" has been taken into account. Usually we process these requests within the hour and at most within 24 hours. You will receive an email notification when your Serial Number is available.

For the time being, you can close the License Manager: Click here: number1        




and then here: number2





A few minutes have passed and your "Serial Number" is now available.


Open TIMi “Serial Number Manager” application again (see the next section 7.4.2 to know how to do that) and click the "OK" button here






Alternatively, instead of clicking the "OK" button above, you can also click the "Request Automatically a new Serial Number" button in the main window of the “Serial Number Manager” application:



Your internet browser opens again but this time you directly receive your "Serial Number":




In your internet browser, click on the button "Copy the Serial Number into the Clipboard” here: number1


Inside the TIMi “Serial Number Manager” application, click on the “OK" button:





If your "Serial Number" has been correctly encoded on your machine, you should now see the "OK" message in green here:




You now have access to all the features offered by TIMi and Anatella! clip0946 clip0947