Mode 2: We have a reference Table

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Let’s go back the “city name” example: i.e. We now have two tables that contains city names:

The first table contains no errors inside the city names: This is the reference table.

The second table contains city names that might have some spelling mistakes and we want to correct these mistakes.


We’ll typically have such a graph:




As input to the ANATEL~3_img694 CorrectSpelling Action, we have such a table:




All the cities from the reference table have a “heavy weight” (greater than the parameter P3) such that no attempt to “correct” them will be made.



When using a reference table, the parameters from the ANATEL~3_img694 CorrectSpelling Action are, typically:





When using a reference table, we’ll always have:

Parameter P4 is “Only regroup with “Heavy” Modalities

Parameter P5 is checked

Parameter P6 is equal to 1