About the “MailTextBody” output column

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As output of the ANATEL~2_img427 OutlookGet Action, you’ll receive a table with the following 13 columns: MailReceiveTime, MailSubject, MailTextBody, MailHtmlBody, FromName, FromAddress, NbRecip, To, CC, BCC, Reply-To, Attachments, CurrentOutlookProfile, Mailbox. Most of the time, the column “MailTextBody” will be empty: This just means that:

…the content (body) of the email is in HTML format (and not in the simpler unformatted TEXT format)

…the content of the email is inside the “MailHtmlBody” column.

In a similar way, when the content of the email is in unformatted TEXT format, the “MailHtmlBody” column will, most of the time, be empty (and the column “MailTextBody” is filled-in).