5.27.22. Outlook Send

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5.27.22. Outlook Send


Icon: ANATEL~4_img776


Function: OutlookSend


Property window:








Short description:


Send Emails using Outlook.


Long Description:


To send E-mails via Outlook, Anatella simply adds emails inside the “Outbox” of MS-Outlook. To prevent that the “Outbox” becomes really (too) big, you can “empy out” the MS-Outlook “Outbox” every time that X emails are added inside the “Outbox”. The value “X” is defined here:




To “empy out” the MS-Outlook “Outbox”, Anatella runs an Outlook “Synchronization” procedure: i.e. You’ll see inside the Anatella Log window:


Synchronizing Outlook…

Outlook synchronization finished successfully!


You’ll find more information about the Outlook “Synchronization” procedure inside the section 5.2.24. In particular, if you see an annoying dialog box during the “Synchronization” procedure, follow the procedure given in the section 5.2.24 to get rid of it.


Outlook is not a very fast program: If you need to send a large quantity of e-mails, you should rather use the “Send E-Mail” action detailed inside the section 5.27.7.


Most of the time, you will find that the 32-bit version of MS-Outlook is installed on your machine. To communicate with the 32-bit version of MS-Outlook, you must use the 32-bit version of Anatella. More precisely, in such a situation, the 64-bit version of Anatella won’t work: i.e. You’ll get this error message:




If you see the above error message, it means that you need to use the 32-bit version of Anatella to communicate with Outlook (because you have the most common “32-bit version” of Outlook).

In the same order of idea, you must use the 64-bit version of Anatella to communicate with the 64-bit version of MS-Outlook.

You can install on the same PC, at the same time, both the “Anatella 32-bit” and the “Anatella 64-bit”. This means that you can still use the fastest “Anatella 64-bit” to do all your data transformations and only use the Anatella 32-bit to communicate with Outlook. You’ll find mode informations on how to install simultaneously the “Anatella 32-bit” and the “Anatella 64-bit” on the same PC inside the section 10.11.


There are 3 operating modes that are related to the e-mail attachments:


1.Attachment CID are undefined. All attachement are at the end of the e-mail.


2.Attachment CID based on a filename. All attachements are in-line.


3.Attachment CID are defined in a input column