Survey Monkey First Time setup

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Before using SurveyMonkey (and to get your access token, the parameter P1), you need to follow the following procedure:


1.Log-in to Survey Monkey, open the URL : https://developper.surveymonkey.com/apps/
and click on the button “Add a New App”:



2.Give a name to your app (e.g. “timiConnector”) number1 , select “Private App” number2 and click on the “Create App” button: number3


3.Click on the “SETTINGS” menu: number1 . The parameter P1 (access token) is here: number2


4.On the same webpage, scroll down to the section named “Scopes” number1 , select these 3 scopes: “View Surveys”, “View Responses”, “View Response Details” number2 and click on the “Update Scopes” button: number3